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Do’s and Don’ts of Building Your New Home Gym

Due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, and the stress associated with crowds, heading to your nearest gym might not be an option. An ideal solution to this problem is to invest in fitness equipment and build a home gym. Some of the benefits of working out from home are that you will have enough time […]

Free weights and Exercise machines: Both Equally Effective in Building Strength

Today in most commercial and home gyms, we are faced with two primary choices for strength training: ● Weight Machines – Rower, Multi-gyms, leg curl and extension, spin bikes lat pull-down, cable row, etc.● Free weights – Kettlebells, barbells, and dumbbells. The question arises, which style of weight training is better? According to a recent […]

5 Reasons to Use an Exercise Ball in Your Daily Workout

An exercise ball is a dynamic and versatile workout tool that you should start including in your workout routine ASAP! You can incorporate the exercise ball in almost all types of workout routines to challenge your body and take your fitness to the next level. Exercise balls can be somewhat tricky in the beginning. However, […]

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